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How to Make Solid Easter Bunnies

Posted by Christy Parrish on

 Hey Everyone! Ever wonder how to make a 3D chocolate bunny? Or how people pour the chocolate into the mold? Today you will see the trick and how simple they are to make! 

When making solid Easter bunnies, clip molds together with binder clips to hold the two sides together.

Then, fill completely with chocolate and place in the dry beans standing up. We like to use dry beans because it helps to hold the mold completely straight in the freezer and you can put several molds in at a time! Fill a large container, or even a shoe box with about 2-3 bags of beans! You need plenty of beans so it will form around the mold. It's an inexpensive way to hold the mold and a tip that we love to use!

When your mold is ready, take it out of the freezer and take off all the clips. Take off one side of the mold and place it back on. Then turn and lift off the other side of the mold. This helps so you don't have to touch the chocolate too much and avoids fingerprints. Candy gloves work wonderful, also!

I hope this post helps answer your questions on how to make Solid Easter Bunnies! Kids and adults alike love a chocolate bunny around the Easter time!

Happy Candy Making,

 Christy Marie



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