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How to make Chocolate Mustache Pops!

Posted by Christy Parrish on

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are well! Tiffany and I have been busy at the shop, working on the website, getting new products out, and shooting video tutorials for our youtube channel. We hope to try and put up a new video weekly, so be sure to check out our channel here

One of the most popular candy molds that we have at the shop is our mustache lollipop! So many people are using it for so many different things—a stache bash party, baby shower, a mario party or as a photo booth prop. Yes, people are making these mustache pops up to use for a prop in a photo booth! The best part is, it makes a great favor as well! Guests can take it home, and the kids love them!

All you need is:

Mustache Candy Mold 

Melting Chocolate 


These pops are super easy to make! View our step-by-step tutorial on how to make the chocolate mustaches! This video is great to watch also if you’re new at candy making and are not sure how to work with candy molds.



We had a little too much fun with this tutorial….We had a little Photo Booth fun of our own :)



Hope you enjoyed the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to see each time we post a new video. :)


Happy Candy Making,


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