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How do I contact you?
We'd love to hear from you and would be happy to answer any question! Just email us at or visit our contact us  page. We will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Do you sell Gift Cards? 
Yes! We do have gift cards available for purchase! To purchase one, stop in the store and we will activate one for the amount you would like. Unfortunately, we don't have a feature on the website that allows you to purchase it online. The sweetest thing about Christy Marie's gift card is you can use it for anything in the store, and it never expires! 

Do you have a retail shop? 
Yes, we sure do! Come visit us! Our retail store is located in a small town called Shrewsbury, PA, near the Maryland and Pennsylvania line. We have even more sweet supplies in our shop! Please visit our Store Location & Hours page for more information on our retail store! 
Do you make and decorate cakes for order? 
Unfortunately, no we do not decorate cakes for purchase.... but we have everything for YOU to! We have everything from the pans to the icing to the cake toppers and the box and board to transport, so you can make the perfect cake! We also can help you design the cake or if you have any questions, we will be happy to help! 

Do you offer wholesale online or where do you order from?
At this time, we do not offer wholesale discounts. We also do not release distributor's information. We thank you for your love and interest in of our products! 

Can I hold a spot for a class and can I sign up online? 
Due to limited space, we cannot hold a spot for any classes. Once you sign up and pay you are guaranteed a spot in the class! 

How fast will my order be shipped? 
Depending on when you order, we ship the next business day (Not including holidays). If you place your order before 10 am est., we ship out the same day. To see more information about our shipping, visit our  Shipping Information page. 

What type of Chocolate do you sell and how do you melt and store it? 
We sell Merckens candy coating in Milk, Dark, White, as well as many other different flavors. We also carry all the colored chocolate which taste like white chocolate. 
You can melt your chocolate in a variety of ways. The way we prefer is the microwave method. For 1 lb. of Rainbow Coatings, 30 seconds on Med/Hight; stir. Continue in 30-second intervals until the Rainbow Coating are fully melted. When melted in the microwave, the coatings will retain their wafer shape until stirred. Store in a cool, dry and odorless environment. Do NOT place in refrigerator or freezer because condensation will develop when removed. This will add water to the chocolate and they will become thick when melted. 

What kind of cupcake liners do you sell and will my cake show through so I can't see the design? 
The color of cupcake liners we carry may vary, as some computer monitors show colors differently. With some liners, the colors may lighten when they are un-stacked or baked in. All cake batters may react differently to the liners. We can not guarantee how a cake bakes in the liners. A lighter shade of cake batter always looks the best in the liners that are mostly white with a pattern, or a light shade of color . When baking a chocolate or darker batter, try doubling up liners or using a darker color liner. Cupcake liners can bake differently by your baking temperature, how you cool or store them as well as the temperature and humidity in the kitchen.

Is Disco Dusts edible? 
Created for and by the baking industry, disco dust is a glitter that is non-toxic that you can sprinkle on top of your icings. While it is approved by the FDA as non-toxic, it is NOT considered a food product because there is no nutritional value. With it having no nutritional value, it cannot be called edible- as is the case with dragees. Any product being labelled, "For Decorative Use" is at the decorators discretion whether or not the chose to use it on their sweets. Disco Dust is very popular and a lot of the professorial bakers and many bakeries are using it on most of their cakes.

Refunds & Exchanges:
We DO NOT offer refunds or exchanges for safety & health reasons. Please make sure you like the item(s) you selected before checking out. With the nature of our products, this is our policy. We do not offer refunds on orders that are delayed in shipment. We have no control over delivery time frames with the USPS and once it leaves our warehouse, it is no longer in our hands. We are not responsible on how long it may take for your order to arrive and will not refund any shipping if an order is delayed.
**Please keep novelty toppers and picks away from small children as they may be choking hazards.**