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Hello and Welcome to Christy Marie's!

Your source for Cake, Candy and Wedding Supplies for All of Life's Celebrations! 

Want to hear the story on how we came about? Well, it started with me wanting to be like my mom. My mother, Donna, started a retail store in 1977 selling cake, candy and wedding supplies. At that time, there weren't any stores that sold supplies to make and decorate cakes. She got tired of never being able to find the supplies she needed to create the cakes she wanted to decorate. So, when she was 22, she opened her first store! After 30 + years my parents decided they wanted to retire. 
Two years after their 'retirement', we opened "Christy Marie's". The shop is named after me because it was always my dream was to be just like my mother and I always had a love for cake decorating. We are located in Southern, PA, in a small town called Shrewsbury and are family owned and operated- just the four of us! My mother Donna, my sister-in-law Tiffany, my Dad Charlie and myself-- all help run the business.
We sell a wide variety of items geared for the cake decorator and candy maker—pans, candy molds, fillings, designer cupcake papers, cake toppers and much, much more. When people shop in the store they're are always happy because they're excited for their upcoming celebration. 

 Browse through our collection of supplies and visit our blog for different decorating ideas! We are the source for brides-to-be to find jewelry, headpieces and veils, as well as knife and server sets, toasting glasses and cake toppers. We also have favor making supplies for birthdays, weddings, bridal and baby showers. 

Christy Marie's was established in 2009. One year later, we expanded our 850-square-foot store to 2,100 square feet.

As family business, everyday is exciting and enjoyable working together!  




    Christy & Tiffany                                                 Tiffany, Christy & Donna 


     Live in the Southern PA area? Come visit us at our retail store! We are located right over the MD/PA line, in Shrewsbury, PA. Click here to find  directions  to our store. When people stop in the store they're always happy because they are excited for their upcoming celebration and it makes our job that much SWEETER! 

We also have an edible image machine at the store! Give your cakes, cupcakes and cookies an extra personal touch with the edible images! Simply place the image right on top of a freshly iced cake! Customers can use prints from camera cards, flash drives and original photographs. Our machine also has stock art in all the popular licensed images available, in case you didn't want to use a photo of your own. We hope to see you in the shop soon! :)


Happy Baking,



 83 East Forrest Ave.

Shrewsbury, PA 17361