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Wooden Handle Cutters Set #5

  • $9.85

Vintage Inspired Cookie wood handle cutter set our# 5. These cutters are reproductions of cutters made from the 1930’s through the end of World War 2.

Plastic cutters were introduced at that time. I remember using cutters with the wooden handles with my mother in the 60's.

Reproductions came out in the 1990’s, I sold the cutters in my retail store and customers loved them.

When I started my Etsy Store several years later, the manufacturer was closing the cutters out. I purchased, and put in my Etsy store.

I thought I had sold all the cutters. To my surprise, I found more cutters in my warehouse.

Cutters are vintage stock, brand new, each cutter is individually wrapped. With the wooden handles!

This cookie cutter set includes a House, Daisy, Horse, and Scottie dog. These vintage cutters, old stock, new...great warehouse find!

Hand wash and when your oven is still warm from your baking. Place you cutters on a cookie sheet to dry in your oven.

These make a great Gift. These are considered vintage,I have had from the 1990's in my warehouse. They were reproductions of cutters from the 1940’s.


Happy Holiday baking!

Re Listed on December 11, 2023