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Tombstones Sugar Toppers

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Rest in Peace to your Halloween treats - because they will be Gone 4 Now from the dessert table faster than zombies can rise from the dead! The Tombstones Dec-Ons will have your customers dying over your creations this Halloween season. Make long donuts into a freshly dug grave, or turn cupcakes into a cemetery hill! The creative options are as endless as the afterlife . . .

The Tombstones are made of sugar. Amazingly the sugar looks just like granite!

Perfect for cupcakes , brownies, or create a spooky graveyard on a cake. Be sure to

Not Make them stand up straight! Remember to have fun with these. Perhaps, a mound of edible dirt and a green hand coming out of the grave!

There are 12 tombstones to a set. Three different sayings on them.

Happy Halloween! Have fun decorating!


TOMBSTONE SUGAR: 1.2 x 1.7 x 0.15 inches