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Superior Vanilla, Butter & Nut Flavoring

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Our best seller! "The Original" Vanilla, Butter, Nut Flavor from Superior Products, usually called "Butternut" for short. “This is a 8 oz. bottle”

There is a recipe on every bottle, that is almost as popular as the flavor! The recipe is a cold oven pound cake that you actually start baking in a cold oven! Delicious!

So many of my customers purchased their first bottle of the Vanilla,Butter, Nut after tasting this delicious pound cake!

Sugar Free, Salt Free and Alcohol Free, this imitation flavoring is an old-fashioned favorite of bakers everywhere.

Just a note - this flavoring will color your recipe yellow.

Add to a box cake mix

I add 2 tablespoons to a boxed mix

and change the water to milk.

This makes the cake mix yellow like there's alot of butter.

It also changes the texture of you cake, like you made the cake from scratch!

I have sold this in my store since the 80's!

Superior has produced countless bottles of this flavoring for many years

It's one of the best flavors that you'll find. 8 oz bottle.

****Order 4 bottles and receive FREE Shipping****