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Snowman Penguin Polar Bear Cupcake Toppers

  • $5.49

This listing is for 6 Winter Wonderland friends rings to place on top of cupcakes, cakes or even inside goody bags as favors for your holiday parties! You will receive 6 rings, assorted with the rings shown! ⛄️🐻‍❄️🐧

Set includes snowmen, penguins, and polar bears

These make adorable full figure snowmen, penguins, and polar bears on your cupcakes. To make your cupcake look like a standing figure...

1. Place very firm icing in a decorating bag. Use you coupler without a tip or screw #12 tip on your coupler.

2. Hold your icing bag vertical straight from the cupcake. Make a cone shape. Use full pressure making sure to attach to the cupcake and ease off pressure to make cone.

3. Add the head pick. Then push a gift pick under the head.

(these are available in the shop)

4.Look at picture with the igloo. Push your #10 or #12 (both round tips) into your cone body and pull out using medium pressure for the arms. Lay them on the present , like they are holding in their hands. Do the same for the legs at the bottom of your cupcake to appear your figure is sitting.

These figures would look great sitting on the bottom edge of a holiday cake as well.

See figures on the cupcakes without holding red and green package. Remember to gently push your tip into the cone shape. Then pull out arms and legs.

I love to have my figures hold something in their hands...example an icing wreath, gingerbread man, mini tree, or stocking.

Enjoy making full figures whenever you have a ring or pick head.

Happy Decorating!