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Skiing With Santa Set

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Holiday skiing with Santa cake kit is a wonderful DIY. This kit comes with 17 pieces, everything to make a fast and easy fun decorating experience for almost any age.

If you can put icing on a cake with a spatula…you got this!! All you need to do is apply icing and swirl and spackle!!

If you are going to purchase your icing in the grocery store for your project. I used

3 to 4 cans of white whipped Icing. If you are making your icing, just make sure it is white like snow. My icing was white, but pictures do not show it.

There are many ways to create your Holiday Ski Adventure Cake. You are going to create a ski slope.

My Cake was a 9x13 or 1/4 sheet. I baked 2 cakes. You will need at least 2 cake mixes...[1mix per pan]

1. I had 1 cake for the base and another to cut for the slope. Always freeze a cake before cutting. It is much easier to handle, and cut, with no crumbs. Get creative with the slope. If you make the slope high---bottom cake[base] then slope two layers on top----put plastic straws all the way to bottom for support your cake and so it will not slide. Cut off the extra length of the straw with a pair of scissors.[Use at least 6 straws]

2. You can also bake 1 cake ( 9x13) and use foil to make your slope. Crush together, until you like the shape and ice it on top of your cake.

3. Bake or buy cupcakes to make slope. You could use rice krispee treats as well.

When all covered------Then the fun begins setting up you scene. I gave you 4 skiers [I only used 3] place your pieces, trees, and signs.

If you want to add snow to trees, scrape almost all of the icing off your spatula. With the thin layer left, start at top of your trees and run your spatula to the bottom.[the last picture shows trees with no icing snow]

4. Add the glitter and sugar crystals mix from your kit to your trees and cake to make everything glisten!

******The red decorated trees are replaced with the popular red and yellow decorated trees until the red are available ******

******Signs may change according to availability

Happy Holidays! Post pictures of your Cakes!