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Silly Monster Coffins

  • $8.24

Making a Cute not Scary Cake or even a craft for Halloween?

You can't go wrong with these spooky cute coffin whistles.

Yes, each of the set of 3 silly monsters are actually whistles.

The set includes A mummy, Vampire, and Cute Frankenstein.

Make a spooky graveyard on your Party Cake, using pretzel sticks as fence by putting 2 sticks for the fence posts. Then with a dot of icing cris cross 2 sticks like an "x" attaching to each post. Maybe add a bat on the fence, and some pumpkins.

Halloween is fun cake decorating! See my Halloween Cake Kit for some more ideas.

Make Halloween spooky fun! No need to have scary cakes.

Set of 3 Coffin Whistles $7.49 Approx. 3 inches long

I only have just a few sets left

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