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Shark Attack Cupcake Topper Set

  • $29.15

Having a Shark birthday party or celebrating shark week? You will love our shark party cupcake decorating set! All you need to add is your icing and cake mix. Running short on time? Grab a cake or cupcakes at the store and dress them up with these toppers! Sprinkle the Jimmies on top of cake pops and other desserts to tie the party all together.

🦈 Shark Attack CUPCAKE KIT Includes 🦈:

- Blue Cupcake Liners

- 12 Shark Pin Picks

- 1 shark Candle

- Icing Cupcake Tip

-2 Disposable Icing bags

- 12 Edible Sugar shark Pieces (6 fins, 6Shark faces)

- Matching Sprinkle Mix

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