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Scarecrow Toppers 12 / Fall Cupcakes / 3-D Scarecrow Cupcakes / Vintage 1990's Halloween Toppers / DIY Easy 3-D Scarecrow Cupcakes

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These colorful scarecrow heads are vintage. When we taught Cake decorating classes, one class was making a 3-D clown figures on top of a cupcake...When the adorable scarecrow heads became available.....we made scarecrows.

Students loved it...Thanksgiving we made pilgrims with the cute vintage pilgrim boy and girl heads....Christmas, we would make Santa and Snowmen from the 3-D heads.

Making 3D figures are so easy. To make your cupcake look like a scarecrow....Place very firm icing in a decorating bag. Use you coupler without a tip or screw #12 tip on your coupler. Hold your icing bag vertical straight from the cupcake. Make a cone shape. Add the head pick. Then push your tip into your cone body and pull out using medium pressure for the arms. Do the same for the legs at the bottom of your cupcake to appear scarecrow is sitting. Then with # 233 or #133 ( Ateco tip # ) use gold or yellow icing to make hay at end of arms and legs. Then cover the blue neck of the scarecrow with the straw look with the same tip. Add patches with writing tip #2 or3 .. l

Optional: add pumpkin

****I do have several dozens of these available. When they are gone, I can no longer order again, because they have been discontinued many years ago. Good thing they can be used over and over again!

These are popular the whole Fall season...From Halloween till, and including Thanksgiving!

There are 12 scarecrows in a set.