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Santa Christmas Mold

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There is nothing like Santa to bring happiness to a child around Christmas

time. Here is a perfect Santa mold that is very easy to make....

I paint most of my chocolate candy molds in my retail store with craft paint.

I have always been very visual, with the molds being clear, details, are hard to make out. I started painting the candy molds like 20 years ago.

Some molds look too detailed and my customers would think, that's too hard

to make...

This Santa is so fast and easy to make...One of the cavities on my mold, I painted Santa's hat and his face area pink. I used craft paint, you would use the chocolate coatings in red and pink. You can also color the chocolate and I will tell you how down below.....

Then you fill the Santa with the white chocolate and he is ready to chill in the freezer. If you were doing all the Santa's at one would paint all 4 of them, then add the white to all. He is a lollypop, so add the stick before putting in freezer.

This mold will take approx. 10 to 15 minutes to set in the freezer. Now if you are new to candy molding....You only put mold in freezer until the chocolate sets up. Not to freeze...When the chocolate is ready, it will release from the mold. When that happens, it picks up the shiny surface of the mold. That is why the candy has a shine. You chocolate will not come out of the mold unless it is put in the Freezer to release from the mold. Some people put in refrigerator to set....this takes like 20 0r 30 minutes to set and release...

If you are not sure when your candy is ready...there is an easy way to tell...When chocolate is set up and releases from will have a foggy look, where it has released. If you look and your Santa is all foggy, however there is a wet spot, you will clearly see....then it need more time to fully release...Just maybe another minute.

Then I put wax or parchment down on the table and turn out. Wait until Santa's are room temp. to add his eyes, nose and mouth. Never paint these inside the mold, always after....because they will spread when white is added. I line them all up and use back of my candy brush air a tooth pick dipped lightly in chocolate.

***to color your white chocolate ...there are candy colors on the market. They can be powder colors or liquid. The liquid colors are oil based. This is important..because the only color or flavoring that you can add must be oil based. Cake gel or paste colors will thicken your candy....however you can put those colors in a teaspoon of cooking oil mixing real good, and then add to your chocolate, if you do not have candy colors.***

Have fun making Christmas Santa Pops!

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