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Red Christmas Truck Liners

  • $6.59

Create, bake, and decorate your cupcakes using these Superior Quality liners. Nothing takes the pleasure out of cupcake baking,more then, designs on papers gone after baking. Example, polka dots on the papers until baked....After baking dots are no longer, as well as paper is changed to a different color.....

When I choose a cupcake liner, it’s usually to match the color of my celebration. If there is a design, I expect the design to be there after baking.

WELCOME TO CUPCAKE CREATIONS BRAND These cups are natural,greaseproof, eco-friendly, and printed with no-fade food-safe dyes.

The company manufacture here the USA. The first time you use these premium paper cups, you can feel the quality. I sell these in my brick and mortar store. So many of my customers will use, nothing but the best for their baking... They realize how important it is to have cupcakes stand out, among the other single serving desserts. You will love, using quality, greaseproof, wrappers. They will stay beautiful and cute even after baking.

32 standard cups per package

The base of the cups measure 1.96”. The height is 1.375”

*Superior quality heavy duty baking cups

*Meets FDA & European Safety Standards

*Food Safe-All natural- eco-friendly

Manufactured and assembled right here in the USA, providing rewarding work for hundreds of people with disabilities.

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