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Ghost Pretzel Candy Mold / Halloween Chocolate Molds / DIY Chocolate Pretzels

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I love this Mold!! So EASY to do ! The pretzel mold has a cute ghost holding a pumpkin.

****To Make Ghost Pretzels as mold shows with colors****

You will just need to melt a small amount of white and orange chocolate coatings. The colors are just painted on the mold with a brush. Most of the pretzel is the milk chocolate.

1. Paint orange in the pumpkin, just thick enough that you can not see light through it.

2. Let sit on counter until set or pop in refrigerator for a minute.

3. Repeat with white. set white until set

4. Carefully, lay chocolate on top of painted ghost. You only need enough milk chocolate to fill 1/2 full. Tap on counter to smooth.

5. ****the large square in middle of mold is to have room for fingers to

place pretzel and lightly swirl****

6.Add additional chocolate to completely cover the pretzel.

*****I painted the mold for display only. The mold you will receive is clear****

***Please note also the milk chocolate ONLY goes to the edge of the square that you use to add your pretzel.

The bottom of your pretzel REMAINS WITHOUT chocolate****

I actually painted the mold like the chocolate goes all the way to the bottom.

Pretzel logs from different brands have different thickness. Be sure to not get very thick ones. They don't work as well.

.5 oz.

Dim. 2 1/8 x 1 x 1/2

Happy Candy Making!!!❤️