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Easter Egg Mold

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This is a ribbon egg mold for filling with a candy center. This egg is a large egg, only 4 on mold. Each approximately 1/4 pound size egg. Fill with a delicious candy center of peanut butter, coconut, buttercream etc.

Different colors, that indicates the flavor inside....Example: pink ribbon for coconut.....yellow could be peanut butter.... purple could be a buttercream egg etc.....


1. To add the color ribbon in the egg...use a chocolate brush( an inexpensive, plastic bristle brush, these usually come assorted bright colors) Paint the ribbon in the mold with a melted colored chocolate. Make a thick coat. Use ribbon color to your flavor. Example: pink ribbon could be a coconut center.

2. Chill in refrigerator for just a few minutes till set.

3. When ribbon is set...carefully add your milk or dark chocolate coating touching the ribbon. You can use a spoon, adding more chocolate, turning your mold rolling your milk chocolate coating in your mold. You need to be real careful and fast, because, your ribbon will begin to melt and marble with the milk chocolate. If chocolate comes over the edge, clean off taking a spatula across the mold.

4.Chill in refrigerator to set shell of your egg. DO NOT PUT IN FREEZER Never put molds in your freezer with just a THIN chocolate shell It will crack the shell.

5. Now you are ready to fill your egg. Gently push Candy center into your egg.Do not fill too still need to seal the bottom of your egg with additional chocolate.

6. Again, Chill to set....this time in FREEZER because it is no longer just a shell. Now a solid egg. Usually, 5 to 10 minutes....

7. Check to see if your eggs have a foggy look....this means your chocolate has completely set and released from the plastic mold.

9.I like to turn my molds onto wax paper, with a kitchen towel under it. This gives a slight cushion so that the fragile shells do not crack when they hit the paper.

10. Wait until your eggs are at room temperature, then they are ready to wrap or package in a candy box, you might want to add a little Easter grass to the box.

*****The candy mold you will receive is completely clear******

I have painted most of my molds in my store for display. My customers like the different ideas.

Happy Candy Making!!!❤️

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