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Easter Egg Mold

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Ribbon EGG

Dim: 2 5/8 x 1 3/4

Item No. E408


1. Fill your mold approx. 1/3 full with your melted chocolate coating.

2. Then roll your mold to completely coat ( some people coat mold with a candy brush.(A brush can give you thick and thin areas ) Rolling your mold gives you a more even coating. If chocolate is pouring out of your mold while turning and rolling.....then you filled mold more than 1/3. A small amount will come out as you roll, just use a spatula to remove.

3. Chill in refrigerator to set shell of your egg. DO NOT PUT IN FREEZER Never put molds in your freezer with just a THIN chocolate shell as it will crack the shell.

4. Let mold sit a minute. Then fill your mold with your peanut butter filling. Do not fill too still need to cover the bottom of your egg to seal it.

5.Chill to set....your mold could now go into the freezer, because it is no longer just a shell of chocolate...It is now a solid egg.

6. When your eggs are set...check carefully to see if your egg mold has a foggy look...this is because the candy has released from the mold.

7.I like to turn my molds onto wax paper, with a kitchen towel under it. This gives a slight cushion so that the fragile shells do not crack when they hit the paper.

8. When your eggs are at room temperature, they are ready to wrap or package.

9. Ribbon on egg is for you to add name or decorate using melted chocolate as the glue.

*****The candy mold you will receive is completely clear******

I have painted most of my molds in my store for display. My customers like the different ideas.

Happy Candy Making!!!❤️

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