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Clear Single Cupcake Containers

  • $5.89

Set of 12 clear single cupcake containers. Fits all standard size cupcake cups. 

Packaging, Packaging, Packaging! Packaging is just as important as whats inside, and with cupcakes becoming more and more popular, what could be better than this! This unique package design is a one-piece package solution for single cupcakes and muffins. The cupcake container is a single-serve clamshell, completely clear, and functions like a small dome. The cupcake sits inside perfectly and is held in place by four little pegs moulded into the package. The container is also airtight so the cupcakes keep fresh for the event. The cupcake packaging is available in both traditional and large sizes for cupcakes or muffins! Also, you could simply wrap with ribbon, and you would have a great favor! 

Great for parties and events that are outside! You never need to worry about bugs getting a taste! 

 Size: 4" x 4-3/8" x 3- 1/8" Tall.


Unique Package Design:

 -One-Piece package solution for single cupcakes & muffins

-Enhanced display and protection

-Multiple label location

-Easy to Open and Remove 

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