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Church Chocolate Molds (2)

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This listing is for a 2 mold set for a 3-D church. Basically, each mold has half of the Church. You will need to pour each mold 1 time for the 8 pieces needed to complete the Church

To put house together...Have a thick strong cardboard base larger then the Church. I don't sit the church in the middle of the base. I like to sit the church back inches to add Chocolate trees or a Nativity.

Take a side of the church, and the front of the church.

You are going to "glue" the church with melted chocolate. Melted chocolate sticks to itself immediately! So much faster and easier than glueing Gingerbread houses together with royal icing!!

Dip just the very EDGE of the side in melted chocolate. Carefully, and immediately place on the INSIDE edge of your Church Front.

(VERY IMPORTANT... Sides of the church goes on INSIDE. or the roof will not fit.)

Next do the same with the other side piece of your church.

Now, you just need to add the Back. To do that, you need to add chocolate on the inside edges, and carefully put against the sides.

To add the roof, put melted chocolate on the top edges, one side at a time. Place roof starting at the top and place quickly before chocolate sets.

The steeple is attached with a little chocolate to the roof.

To add trees around your church. I like the stackable tree mold, because you can make a tree any size. Glue layers with a tiny bit of melted Chocolate.

Happy candy Making! if you have any questions just message me.


The last photo is the mold for the stackable tree mold. Make a few different sizes for your church

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