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Christmas Trees (2)

  • $6.55

These Christmas Trees are made completely of sugar! Perfect for your gingerbread houses and Christmas cakes! Trees are 4 inches and fully decorated in bright red with a yellow star on top.

Trees can be glued on your house with a little icing. They can also be glued back to back for a 3-D Tree to stand alone.

Gingerbread houses have begun so popular for many Families, that it has become a tradition each year. I had gingerbread workshops in my retail stores for 30 years before I retired. The store continues every year to host the workshops.

Gingerbread houses are so popular, that it has become a tradition each year on Thanksgiving. After dinner, all the woman and children who did not want to watch all the the football games decorated houses. Today, every craft store at the holidays sells with the baked gingerbread. They are never fresh, but they always make your house smell like Christmas! Sometimes they are several seasons old!

When they go on sale is the time to buy. Always put your houses on a 14 or 16 inch base. My favorite part is creating a snowy yard.

Sugar trees are sold in a set of 2.

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