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Christmas Tree Picks 12

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These are our "Santa Trees." Santa Trees are Green Trees with all red trimmings. Santa trees are 3 inches from bottom of pick to top of the tree. The actual tree is approx. 2 inches, the remainder is the pick.

Trees over the last few years have been coming in very skimpy, almost as if half of the branches are missing....They look similar to Charle Brown's Christmas Tree...Lol. I still have several dozen left of the original full trees.

The Santa trees are such a festive look for the holidays. Put these on cakes, gingerbread houses, cupcakes, as well as for crafting and model trains.

To make the trees to look like they have snow on the branches, here is a few ways.

1. Use a spatula, wipe almost all the icing off of your spatula. After you place your trees on your cake or cupcakes, starting at the top of your tree, lightly go down the tree with your spatula. Optional: you can immediately shake edible glitter on while icing is still tacky.

2. Another way to make trees or even chocolate houses or churches, look like they have had a little snow, is to use powder sugar.

You will need to put in a sifter, so it looks so natural and very light.

Santa Christmas Trees are sold in a set of 12

Happy Holidays and enjoy making treats with your families!

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