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The Ultimate Swirl Cupcake Decorating Tip Set

  • $14.95

Do you want to make your cupcakes look professional? Use our Ultimate Swirl Cupcake Tip set to decorate cupcakes for your event and WOW your guests! Use the 3 piece coupler to change out your tips for different swirls without having to re-bag! Comes with 2 different coupler rings for different tip sizes! If one doesn't fit the tip that your are using use the other one. You can also use this coupler for your Bismark tip that is included in the kit. The Bismark tip is used to fill your cupcakes. Simply insert down in the middle of the cupcake and squeeze your filling into the cupcake, without having to use a corer! These tips are very easy to use. The tips can be used with disposable and reusable decorating bags. These tips are stainless steel, hand wash only. Conveniently packaged in a two-count cupcake container, you can decorate 2 cupcakes and show off your talent to your friends and family!

This kit includes:
1 large bismark filler tip
1 open star tip opening measures .44"
1 open round tip opening measures .05"
1 closed star tip opening measures .05"
1 3 piece coupler
1 16 inch reusable decorating bag


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