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Deluxe Fondant Modeling Kits

  • $54.95

Our exclusive Deluxe Fondant Modeling kit includes a pink silicone mat and all the essential tools for Modeling! Great to use when working with gumpaste, marzipan, candy clay, fondant and more! Designed by Christy, these are all her favorite go-to tools! This kit comes packaged in a box with a clear lid along with an information sheet with helpful tips! 

Deluxe Fondant Modeling Kit Includes :

Pink Silicone Mat 

Royal Icing Eyes (40) (20 pairs) 

Black Food Pen 

Modeling Sticks (25)  

6 pc. Tool Set  

Clear Piping Gel   

Two in one tool   

3 brushes  

Rolling Pin 6"  *

Pallet Knife     *

Tweezers        *

Scissors          *

Decorating Tip    *

Small Fondant Roller Cutter   *

Helpful Tips Information Sheet 

     * Included exclusively in our Deluxe Fondant Modeling Kit! 

Watch Christy make a fondant tea set using her Fondant Modeling Kit below! 

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