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Cake Play Clear Isomalt Nibs

Cake Play Clear Isomalt Nibs

  • $10.95

Diamond Clear, read-to-melt Isomalt Nibs by Cake Play (Formerly Isomalt Sticks)


CakePlay?s Isomalt nibs have many applications and uses, including:

  • Molded pieces -Silicone and lollipop molds work great!
  • Plaques
  • Flowers
  • Jewels
  • Beautiful toppers and showpieces

CakePlay?s pre-cooked Isomalt nibs are ideal for any decorating project, from professionally decorated cakes for a special bride and groom to a few gems on a crown for a child?s birthday cake. You can also use melted isomalt as edible ?glue? that dries in an instant.

Here are some ideas on how to use isomalt:

  • Repair broken gumpaste on-site.
  • Add fun decorations to holiday cupcakes.
  • Create intricate, eye-catching mosaic patterns using free-form broken pieces or a chablon.
  • Fix a loose decoration on a birthday or wedding cake.
  • Speed up flower making. Just dip your wire into melted isomalt before inserting into gumpaste. It hardens in seconds!

Simple Project Ideas

    • Quickly and easily glue together the pieces for a spooky Halloween mansion or a cute holiday gingerbread house.
    • Embellish a wedding cake with beautiful flowers or a sparkling clear heart topper.
    • Make a ?windshield? on a car with clear isomalt.
    • Give decorations movement and dimension by gently swirling isomalt colors together for a ?wave? effect.

      For best results, don?t stir colors together completely.

1 package of Isomalt= 1/2 cup melted isomalt
The best way to see how much you will need is to pour WATER into your molds, then measure how much liquid that is to see how many packs of Isomalt you will need

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